How to act?

Become a member

Whether you are volunteering or carrying a project that can be part of our values and missions, we are looking for active members. Contact Us

Become a Partner

By joining our project, you associate the image of your company with the values of performance, high technology, solidarity and environmental protection that we carry with EOL. Thus, you communicate effectively and over a long period of time (1 to 3 years) in a national and international context according to your objectives. You guarantee a strong media impact thanks to the events we are going to participate in and the story we are going to bring to the media. Contact Us

Become a Patron

By making a donation, you adhere to an ambitious project and support a motivated team.
-If you are an individual, this donation is deductible to 66% of your taxable income (according to the applicable requirements CGI article 200)
-If you are a legal person, this donation entitles you to a tax credit of 60% (according to the applicable conditions CGI article 283bis)

In both cases, we can provide you with a donation receipt to a general interest organization (CERFA 11580 * 03) Contact Us