Created in March 2018, Euskal Ocean Lab is an association of general interest open to anyone wishing to invest in the conservation of the oceans, ecology and development of new technologies. Drawing on its values in Basque culture, the association Euskal Ocean Lab seeks to promote the knowledge, protection and preservation of the marine natural environment via the offshore race, a powerful vector for the dissemination of its ideas to the public, Boaters and sea professionals.

Our missions

Our laboratory boat 100% renewable energies of type IMOCA 60 allows to meet a triple objective: pedagogical, scientific and sports.

Pedagogical: The teaching and dissemination of knowledge to the greatest number, in school, professional and associative environment to the awareness of the protection of the natural environment via press articles during sports events, Conferences, but also open house days.

Scientific: Research, innovation and the development of new marine and nautical technologies for the purpose of scientific expeditions. We will be led to test these technologies on the EOL boat and thus promote environmentally friendly companies.

Sportsman: Thanks to the involvement of Amaiur Alfaro, the association wants to engage its boat in several races off to promote its values to the greatest number and to show by the example that it is possible to combine performance and ecology as well as To develop the green products of tomorrow at the highest level of demand.

The team

Active Members

Christophe Winants: President, business manager and sports marketing Professional
Charles Gaudiard: Treasurer, project manager for new technologies
Johan François: Secretary, Technology Coordinator, logistics, and R&D
Haritza Camblong: Professor at the UPV/EHU and scientific referent of the EneR-GEA platform of the ESTIA
Christophe Lebas: Boat captain, Electronics and hardware manager
Gaelle Le Blanc: Journalist, image reporter and Communication manager social networks
Joëlle Verbbruge: Photographer
Anne Fribourg: Image reporter, cameraman
Robin Nouvelle : Chief Editor

Members of Honor

Amaiur Alfaro: Basque Skipper, very committed to the respect of the marine environment agreed to help the association in the conduct of the EOL boat and to represent its values during the various races